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Our client required agency-wide services to improve an enterprise management function through streamlined business processes and improved overall workforce and organizational performance.

The agency launched an enterprise-wide, information management and records management program in response to an executive directive. The program consisted of numerous processes and compliance requirements that were neither well-defined nor consistently implemented. Additionally, the program was not widely recognized across the agency and lacked strategic direction and objectives.

In addition, agency-wide education about records and information management, the migration to electronic record keeping and daily support of the Agency’s Records Coordinators and overall program support were required.

Key support areas included:

  • Business and Systems Requirements Analysis and Development (in support of a SharePoint to assist the agency in improving operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness while also meeting the requirements of OMB M-12-18 “Managing Government Records Directive”.
  • Agency-Wide Strategic Communications
  • Enterprise-Wide Program Management
  • Records & Information Management Advisory and Subject Matter Expertise Support

The Result:

Our client’s RIM program was successfully implemented and has significantly improved in both program maturity as well as in delivering organizational value. As a result of T. White Parker’s support, agency-wide awareness, adoption, and compliance with records management and the RIM program, in general, has increased while business and litigation risks and costs to the agency have decreased. During the support period, annual assessment scores increased over 10%, despite the addition of new federal requirements to the program. Finally, our client won the Training Officer’s Consortium Change Management Award for a web-based training program we developed for the RIM program which, along with providing training on RIM and the agency’s RIM program itself, the training also provided guidance on addressing difficult change management and cultural issues related to implementing organizational change .. especially compliance-based change such as RIM. Our client is on pace to meet all of NARA’s permanent record requirements.

  • The number of staff to support the client’s Records and Information Management Program dramatically decreased while the level of work and required quality remained constant with the addition of implementing the agency’s electronic records management initiative.
  • The client and the T. White Parker team maintained quality of product and service and focused on continuous delivery of products through using the Kanban system.
  • The program is operating more effectively while decreasing ad-hoc prioritization and the feeling of being overwhelmed with changing needs.

Key Highlights:

Key highlights from this engagement include:

  • T. White Parker leveraged Kanban and other Agile methods to drive and guide focus on continuous delivery of quality products.
  • We equipped departmental Records Coordinators (RC) with the knowledge, tools and support needed to improve departmental compliance;
  • We implemented a robust, self-assessment/audit capability and tool that enables Our client to monitor both collective and departmental progress;
  • Our client achieved “low risk” on the most recent NARA Records Management Self-Assessment (RMSA) (g., 86% – out of 100 overall | 3.75 – out of 4 maturity score);
  • Developed an award-winning records management training program;
  • Integrated analytics and performance management through use of a scorecard to track the RIM program progress.