Insights to Better Business


Concerns about the transportation industry’s aging population and the potential risk of the aging population to nearly every sector of the U.S. economy was the driver for launching an industry-wide study of the transportation workforce.

Key to our clients’ concerns were:

  • Constant technological advancement
  • Shifts in industry demand
  • National economic trends
  • More densely populated urban areas
  • Firm retirement age requirements

The collective study that was launched in response to these issues was called the National Workforce Development Strategy Initiative and included representation across all Department of Transportation Operating Administrations to ensure a cross-modal perspective was taken.

The Result:

Our clients not only met the study requirements of the National Workforce Development Strategy Initiative, but as a result of key findings reported, the studies’ recommendations were used to drive human resource training, development and hiring actions while also spawning a number of government-academic workforce collaborations.

Key Highlights:

T. White Parker was a key player in a national, industry-wide initiative while also serving as a key player on the federal, transportation team. Also of note, this work was a “spin-off” of a similar study that T. White Parker performed for another federal, transportation client which resulted in worldwide attention and an invitation to share the work in other countries.