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Business and Digital Transformation

Achieve transformation to your optimal digital culture efficiently, effectively and on time.

Businesses across every industry are being presented with unique challenges and opportunities as new business models and technological advances are introduced. Companies must now continuously reconsider their business models – leveraging technology as an enabler – or watch from the sidelines while their opportunities to make a difference diminish at the hands of competitors that were proficient – or at least, not scared – of growth or transforming.

When organizations simply reproduce existing processes using new technologies, the underlying opportunity for modernization is missed. Real transformation means realigning every facet of the organization to the mission of improved performance and streamlining operational costs. In other words, digital transformation is not about preserving “how” things get done but refocusing on “why” things are done and finding ways to do them better.

T. White Parker understands the organizational dynamics and the transformation methods and expertise needed to help clients successfully re-think their business and incrementally move towards the optimal vision of digital transformation in the fastest time possible.


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T. White Parker helps organizations adopt new Agile practices and processes utilizing methods that enable quicker infusion of new Agile capabilities, that shorten the time to market value for new technological investments.

We help our clients save costs, increase efficiency, and stay competitive by conducting the analysis, planning and execution needed for building an effective cloud strategy and executing a successful cloud migration. Not only do we help our clients answer the tough cloud migration strategy questions, we also ensure our clients capitalize on opportunities presented for additional savings and efficiency throughout the cloud journey. Our knowledge and expertise of both the technical and the organizational nuances of cloud migrations enable us to help our clients navigate the journey much more smoothly than embarking upon such a journey where the focus is, solely, on the technological elements.
DevOps provides the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of product delivery capabilities. Start your DevOps transformation with experts who understand the mindset, process and technological shifts needed in order to achieve the full value and impact of a true DevOps organization. Not only will we develop the most common artifact in DevOps transformations – a step-by-step DevOps transformation roadmap – we will also conduct the analysis to ensure a DevOps operation that results in the traceability, transparency, communication and collaboration necessary to give the necessary parties a voice, avoids conflicts of interest and provides the right authorities to effectively operate.

We understand that change is the only constant in business.  Let us help you make change for the better.  T. White Parker organizational change management services are designed to help companies efficiently implement any type of change in their organizations in the shortest timeframe possible.  Whether looking to restructure things, introduce a new technology, redistribute workload, study workload, assess skills or simply optimize for increased performance, we bring the assessment, diagnostic, implementation expertise needed to enable and facilitate organizational change.

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