Field Staff Routing

Achieve optimization while maintaining a simpler planning process.

Optimizing Deployment of Field Staff

A Solution for Organizations with Mobile Workforces

The age old travelling salesman problem: Given a list of destinations and the distances between each pair, what is the shortest possible route that visits each destination exactly once and returns to the point of origin? Applied in a business context, how do you minimize costs associated with staff routing, consider staff morale, and get more done faster? Today’s AI technology allows us to tackle this challenge with ever increasing precision beyond what was previously possible…. We believe we solved it!


In organizations that dispatch staff (e.g., postal service, delivery services, state/county inspectors, Federal inspectors), doing so optimally presents a number of quantifiable benefits. For example, achieving minimized fuel costs, or optimizing the number of nodes visited.

Additionally, how can we notify all field staff at once of a significant priority, or change in focus/priority? An AI solution answers all of these questions, in seconds, over and over again thereby providing more precise routing than previously possible. Now consider the impact of continuously analyzing other publicly available data sets, (i.e., geolocation, weather patterns, road closures, etc.) and now the possibilities extend far beyond what humans alone could achieve.

Such a solution could be applied in countless applications and environments. And, given that the solution leverages AI, it learns from each iteration thereby improving itself.

AI-Based Optimization Quick

1. Does your organization utilize field staff—Traveling staff ops benefits from tech-enhanced routing optimization;

2. Do current routing methods rely on experience/domain knowledge alone—Knowledge and experience are difficult to replicate, but what happens when talent retires/leaves the business? What if their knowledge were captured in a smart system;

3. Do you require more field staff qualitative insight—If it were possible to collect traveling/field data along the way as an input to a continuous learning system, could more effective routing be achieved;

4. Do you question whether your operations could be further optimized —Sometimes interviews and lessons learned fail to answer all the questions…

Call us to learn more or discuss your field routing ops and how our patent-pending AI solution might add value.

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