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Business & IT Management

Dedicated to providing strategic program management solutions.

Providing management solutions that allow organizations to see the full benefits from their IT investments. While improving efficiency, communication and synergy, we help design, build and improve mission-critical projects that propel our clients closer to their mission and goals.

Business & IT Management

Recognize the full benefit of your business technology investment.

We manage both the delivery and operation of innovative enterprise solutions.

Do Business Better Framework Helps You:
  • Assess your department’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand best practices and improve each core IT process.
  • Prioritize your key IT processes and build an improvement roadmap.
  • Establish clear ownership of core IT processes.
Business IT Team

Strategy and execution is at the core of everything we do. Propelling our clients closer to their mission and goals with purpose, intention and confidence, is an unquestionable level of quality.

While emerging technologies are developed to improve business efficiency and effectiveness, many organizations never see the full benefits from their information technology (IT) investments for two, key reasons: (1) organizations never fully understand organizational needs before making technology investments and/or (2) organizations mismanage the technology investment during and/or post implementation.

Our Do Business Better SM (DB2) Analysis is a robust and enterprise-level business assessment tool that establishes a foundation for understanding the obstacles between operating at status quo and peak performance levels. From sustaining operations, to eliminating wasteful activities, or accelerating IT project delivery and management effectiveness, at the end of our analysis, we deliver actionable roadmaps to solve problems and do business better in both IT and management operations.

Business & IT Management Services

T. White Parker offers a full range of Business and IT management services geared toward ensuring that your organization delivers.

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Program/Project Management

Integrated Master Schedulers, and certified Project and Program Management Professionals (Agile, PMI, PMP, PgMP) are high-performers with a passion for masterful execution.

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Strategic Planning

Stay opportunity-ready with actionable roadmaps and integrated performance management that inherently enables strategy execution – all while ensuring your operational efficiency.

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IT Portfolio Management
(incl CPIC)

Our portfolio governance and performance measures, with proactive and continuous monitoring, improve precise decision-making and reporting.

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Financial Management

We are skilled in budget formulation, financial performance management, cost-based analysis, execution and reporting, data analytics and visualization.

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Enterprise Architecture

Our knowledge of industry frameworks, methodologies, tools and best practices enables us to develop actionable architectures that are compliant with federal guidelines.

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Research, Studies & Analysis

Expert industry-level research, studies and analyses are rooted in our ability to efficiently conduct methodical discovery, critical evaluation and deliver fact-based findings.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our experience in risk management enables us to help establish governance where more is needed or improve compliance with existing bodies.

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Business Process Management

Identify the bottlenecks and areas of improvement that are dragging your business operations by leveraging industry best practices and good ‘ole fashioned critical thinking.

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CXO Support

We support high-ranking C-suite leadership with supportive strategies to drive digital or cultural change and enterprise change management initiatives.

Do Better Business DB2 Framework:

A robust and structured approach to assessing and improving how you do business. Applied across an enterprise or to a specific business process or program, DB2 will give you the who, what, when, where, and how to improve decision making and organizational performance.

Program 360°

A holistic program management and support model that ensures proper attention and handling are given to every aspect of your program. Outcome-driven, you will know how well your program is performing from every angle.


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