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Software and Data Solutions

Rise to meet changing business and market requirements with IT solutions.

Providing your business with IT organizational structure solutions tailored to your needs to accomplish your vision on time and within budget. We design, build, operate, and improve your most mission-critical and mission-enabling IT programs and projects.

Software & Data Solutions

Tools to discover, map, and correctly classify data to leverage and drive your business.

Software and Data Solutions Services

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AI/ML Solution Implementation

With the right vision an AI-powered strategy can radically improve business. T. White Parker understands how to navigate the technological and organizational pitfalls to help our clients develop successful AI strategies.

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Data Analytics

We develop customized approaches to assess data quality, automate its repair, conduct statistical analysis and render the results in customized views that answer the most pressing business questions.

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Data Governance

T. White Parker’s approach to Governance procedures ensure underlying data structures, interfaces and rules of engagement are followed for data excellence through data governance, data quality and data operations.

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Data Management

T. White Parker develops IT solutions that include tailored data management strategies to optimize the processes of collection, storing, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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Application Development

T. White Parker’s Analytics team possesses extensive expertise building intelligent algorithms, methodologies and technologies for the development and implementation of data systems.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our data visualization expertise makes your data easy to understand with highly intuitive visual outputs providing tailored views of your business data for executive teams to make impactful decisions.

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